Welcome to Tybee Creek Soap Company!

We make soap from high quality, natural ingredients using the traditional cold process method.  Oils are warmed and blended with a lye solution then the mix is poured into a mold, where together they become gentle, skin-loving soap. Handmade soap retains the natural glycerin formed during this chemical process and is better for your skin than commercially produced soaps.  All of our soap is completely handmade in small batches and hand-cut so weights are approximate.

You’ll find a variety of soaps as you shop the web, ranging from cute to elegant and plain-jane to very fancy.  We call our soaps straight-forward.  Botanicals and clays are used for color and texture, giving our soaps soft hues found in nature.  Most soaps are scented using pure essential oils, and a few, where noted, use high-quality, phthalate-free fragrance oils.

We make soap that our families and friends love to use, and we are proud of our products.  We hope that you find something you like as you browse the site and we know that you will love it when you use it.

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