The Company

I began making soap for my family in 2003.  I enjoyed experimenting with different oils and fragrances, and sharing my creations with friends, one of whom was connected with the Savannah Food Co-op.  At her suggestion I began selling my soap to co-op members in 2010 and Tybee Creek Soap Co. was born!



Giving Back

Every month a portion of our profits is donated to a classroom project through DonorsChoose.org.  If you’re not familiar with this wonderful organization, check it out!

Taking Care of Your Soap

To make the most of your soap keep it dry!  Avoid the shower soap dish where your bar will sit in water and when you’re looking for a soap dish for the sink find one that allows for easy water drainage and air circulation around the bar.

Yes it’s pretty, but…

We’re awfully proud of our soap and put a lot of effort into creating pretty bars, but it’s not meant for decoration-use it up!  Natural essential oils and colorants can fade in time so to get the most out of your soap use it while it’s in its prime.


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